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How to organise a successful corporate evening event?

The corporate internal evening event has become an unavoidable event in the professional agenda. For several years now, companies have been organising evening parties in honour of their employees. These events are a convivial moment between colleagues and represent the perfect opportunity to strengthen the teams. But over time, people start to get tired of these evening parties that look the same and are not particularly remembered.

Organisers are always looking for ways to improve every year, but how can you make these corporate events unforgettable? With the rental of one of our photo booths you allow each participant to immortalise the moment and to leave with a souvenir engraved in his memory and on paper!

The essential animation to make your corporate evening event unforgettable:
the photo booth!

Thanks to our photo booths, employees will no longer have an excuse not to remember the corporate event you organised! Everyone will be able to keep a paper and/or digital souvenir (sent by e-mail) of the event, which will make every moment of the evening party unique.

During this type of event, it can sometimes be complicated to take photos between colleagues for various reasons. However, the strength of our photo booths lies in their ease of use, which allows you to take photos on your own. Indeed, our technology has been thought and designed to offer a simple, fast and efficient system where you can get your souvenir photo in less than a minute! The touch screen of the photo booth will intuitively guide you through your photo session by first offering you different formats (polaroid, GIF or boomerang) and then several filters to make each photo unique. By renting a photo booth, your employees will create new memories that they will keep in their minds and in their photos!

The photo booth to build team cohesion

Whatever the reason (new teams, reorganisation of departments, arrival of new recruits, thanking teams, etc.) it is always essential to strengthen your teams! Indeed, team cohesion is a beneficial lever for the prosperity of a company which will see long-term results. The corporate evening event will prove to be a good way of maintaining the link within the teams and reinforcing its corporate culture.

Whether it is to allow team members to get to know each other or to congratulate their employees, the rental of a photo booth will strengthen the human link within a company. You will offer your teams the possibility to create new memories by capturing unique moments that they can print in several copies. Indeed, our photo booths can print several times the same picture so that each member of the team can leave with his souvenir photo.

The different teams of the company will be able to challenge each other "in photo" which will make them want to pass in front of the photo booth lens!

The photo booth for a Team Building activity

Indeed, keeping in mind to federate the teams, the photo booth animation can also be part of a Team Building. You can, for example, challenge the teams to make the best photo according to a defined theme and then select the winning photo after the event when you receive the link that we will send you with all the photos. If you don't want to put the different teams in your company in competition, we have also developed the contest option. This technology, developed on our photo booths, once activated, allows you to draw a winning photo at a certain moment during the evening party. This allows you to encourage each employee to take a photo of themselves with their colleagues to reinforce team spirit. The day after the event, to remind employees of the event, you can announce the winning team.

The photo booth to keep in touch after the event

The photo booth offers employees the choice of having their photos printed and emailed to them. Thanks to this digital version, they can share the photos they have taken with each other to remember the good times of the evening party.

During the preparation of your event, you have the possibility to activate some questions relating to the respect of the participants' data. This system on our photo booths is the way for us to send you the link to a shareable photo gallery. Indeed, if you activate the question relating to the use of photos, we will create a photo gallery that can be shared only with the photos of guests who have given their consent to be present. This way, after your event, you can send this link to your employees so that everyone can keep a souvenir of the evening party.

This memorable experience will strengthen the bond within your company to maintain internal cohesion. The rental of a photo booth is therefore the essential animation to make your corporate evening event a success so that your employees keep a souvenir of this unforgettable moment.

Bonus tip: a photocall to be even more corporate!

At a professional corporate event, the aim is, as we have said, to highlight the company and its employees. The photocall animation is an ingenious way to personalise each souvenir photo with a visual of your choice (printed on a canvas) in the background. Placed in front of the photobooth, this customised photocall will enhance the photos of your guests while reminding them of your company and/or the event.

We have also imagined many other animations (collaborative fresco, the swing, tilted decor...) to make your corporate event an unforgettable and unique moment!

As you can see, renting a photo booth will make your corporate event unique and everyone will leave with their own souvenir photo(s)!