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How do you stand out at a professional trade fair?

A professional trade fair is a major event for a company during which it can introduce itself to a large audience in order to promote its products and/or services.

There are a number of things to consider when preparing for this event to make your stand the one everyone is talking about. First of all, your company will be confronted with an audience that is familiar with your sector of activity and who are, for the most part, used to trade shows. Moreover, you will have to face your competitors, whether they are direct or indirect. Thus, you will have to use various techniques to distinguish yourself from other exhibitors to attract visitors to your stand for a visit they will remember. Different ideas can be used to liven up a stand, but what could be better than offering each visitor the chance to take home a souvenir photo of the event, personalised with your company's visual? Our photo booths will allow you to stand out from your competitors thanks to this animation that will leave a memory of you to the participants!

The photo booth: the ideal animation to make your stand attractive

Put them in front of the lens to achieve your objective!

Animating your stand with one of our photo booths will make it attractive to visitors. The photo booth will create a first contact with the participants by attracting them to your stand so that you can then present your company to them. At events such as professional trade fairs, visitors are very much in demand as each exhibitor tries to catch their attention. The photo booth activity offers visitors a slightly more "fun" moment, the time for an express and relaxed photo shoot. They will be able to have fun during this time and will leave with their souvenir photo printed and/or emailed to keep you in mind.

Bonus tip: we suggest you activate a question about the use of data shared by the visitors (respecting GDPR standards). This will allow you to collect the contacts of people who have accepted and add them to your CRM!

Renting one of our photo booths will make you stand out from the crowd and thanks to customised elements, you will be the only one seen in the exhibition area!

A personalized photo booth to stand out

Professional trade shows are often held in large spaces where it can sometimes seem complicated to stand out among the many exhibitors. The look of your stand will catch the visitor's eye and make them want to stop by, or not. That's why at Wizito we offer you visual elements that reflect your company's image for a remarkable stand!

Our photo booths offer customizable display spaces with the visual of your choice on its back and side faces. In fact, by following the dimensions of our models, you can design the exterior of the photo booth to reflect your corporate identity. To accentuate this visual effect, the photo booth animation can be completed with the photocall of your choice. Placed in front of the photo booth, the photocall will be a new visual reminder of your company to be found in the background on the souvenir photo that visitors will keep. This customised canvas, which measures at least 2mx2m, will not leave anyone indifferent!

You will be the only one to be noticed thanks to our photo booths and these customisable elements with your company's image.

A tilted decor to attract visitors

Stand out (even more) with our tilted decor animation to be imagined according to the theme of your stand! At professional trade fairs, a theme is often established within each stand to create a unique experience. For this purpose, we have invented the tilted decor animation in order to make all ideas possible and to allow you to invite the visitor to discover your universe from the inside. 100% customisable, this animation will arouse the curiosity of all participants who will rush to your stand to try it out. Visitors will be able to enter your tilted decor to discover it and capture their reaction in front of the lens of our photo booths, a good moment guaranteed! If you're not inspired, don't panic, we'll help you design your tilted decor according to your chosen theme. You can also be inspired by the creations already made here! The tilted decor is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors at a professional trade show while offering each visitor a unique experience and a souvenir (photo)!

Bonus tip: the souvenir photo as a modern business card

Visitors will leave with countless business cards in their pockets, so once again it's time to stand out! In addition to being a souvenir gift, the photo printed by our photo booths can also be used as a modern business card. The visual of the photo frame is also 100% customisable, so you can fill in any information you wish about your company. Thanks to the rental of a photo booth, visitors will keep a souvenir of their visit to your stand, a little more modern than a business card!

Thus, our photo booths will make your stand attractive compared to your competitors, while our animations such as the tilted decor will arouse the curiosity of each visitor. Furthermore, the participants will leave with a souvenir photo of their visit to your stand on which you will have been able to put all the information you want them to remember.

As you will have understood, the rental of a photo booth is the essential element to liven up your stand at a professional trade fair in order to make an impression during and after the event!