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In the spotlight!

Wizito Photo Booth in London : The Photo Collaborative Fresco

Because memories are captured, kept, preserved, shared, enjoyed alone or with others, each of them must be unique! Whether you are planning for a public event at your company (product launch, store opening, press event, exhibition etc...) or an internal one (seminar, teambuilding, Christmas party, garden party etc...), immortalize your best moments with our all-inclusive animations.

Take your professional events to the next level with our dual animation!

As a one of a kind experience, this photobooth will engage your employees and your business partners more than ever, getting them deeply involved into your company, your products or your brand.

A two-folded animation! Create a life-sized souvenir for your company thanks to the Collaborative Artwork, a blend of design, technology with a touch of extravagance which will allow you to print your best moments with the Wonder Booth. The Wonder Booth offers a customizable display on its back and side panels. Hang in there! The photos can also be fully personalized with your brand's colors or the event's theme.

As for the Baby Booth, it comes with its own 4G hotspot and requires a simple connection to print your photos. We walk you through each step of your professional event: before (brief, scenography, definition of the design and atmosphere), during (stage and artwork set up, customer support) and after the event (data aggregation, dedicated online gallery).

Take your customers, guests, ambassadors and collaborators over the moon by creating an original and animated photobooth that will make a lasting impression!

Bring your Collaborative Artwork to life!

With our ready-to-play animation, offer your clients the possibility to become true artists for a day.

How does it work? Your clients and guests take snapshots of themselves throughout the event thanks to our Wonder Booth. The pictures are printed in their preferred format (portrait or landscape). At the end of the event, your clients and guests will come home with their printed photos to complete their own photo book!

Now the artwork display joins the party! Customers and guests are back in front of the camera before their photos are printed as stickers thanks to our Baby Booth. Your customers select the location on the wall where they want to stick their souvenirs so that the magic happens... As customers play along and pictures are getting sticked, this patchwork brings your company message / visual / logo / values to life. So, what message will you put on this wall? What image will you reveal? What values will you animate? For sure, your artwork will be unique and made of the memories of all your customers / collaborators / guests! It will then suit in your premises so that your event extends after this special night.

With this turnkey animation, encourage your customers, guests, collaborators to leave their mark... on earth and on your walls!

Data is always around the corner! Collect it.

Our photobooth will amplify the impact of your events through social networks, stir your audience (contests, polls...) and facilitate the collection of valuable data for your company.

We got you covered: once your clients or employees have posed in front of the camera, they will be prompted to fill in the form available on the photobooth.

Each photo, whether printed or not during the event, is sent immediately to the email address or phone number provided (or will be sent after the event).

Because data is key, we can collect email addresses, phone numbers or names to enrich your CRM database while respecting the GDPR standards.

3,2,1 action!

It’s now your turn to live a unique and playful experience thanks to our dual animation: The Collaborative Artwork. Say cheeeese as much as you like! You now know the secret sauce to increase your visibility and notoriety and federate your customers around a successful event!

So, when shall we schedule your once-in-a-lifetime event?

Collaborative artwork features:

  • Selection of the visual of the artwork
  • Photo, GIF, boomerang
  • 84,108 or 247 stickers location
  • Unlimited instant printing
  • Online photo gallery
  • Emails sending
  • Customized interface and frames
  • Delivery, set up of your event everywhere in London