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Back to Wizito at Heavent 2022!

For the 5th time, Wizito was exhibiting at the Heavent 2022 trade fair in Paris from 15 to 17 November! Heavent is Europe's largest trade fair dedicated to the event industry, where the various players in the sector come together to present their innovations. As a professional of the event industry, Wizito participates to the Heavent in order to give each visitor a unique photo experience created especially for this occasion. This event is a moment of exchanges and meetings where we present our photo booths as well as our animations. For several weeks, our team works to create a world of its own through our stand, with a theme that will reach to each visitor. We want to offer visitors the opportunity to escape into our world while visiting our stand. Just like last year with our Alice in Wonderland stand, we have once again decided to awaken our childlike soul with a funfair! We had imagined and designed several animations around this theme to allow everyone to have fun while discovering the Wizito experience. There were many animations at our stand to please everyone, from the bumper car to the winning tickets to win popcorn. During their day at the Heavent, participants were able to take a break from the trade fair by visiting our stand. Wizito invited each visitor to discover its stand by offering a tailor-made immersive experience that left no one indifferent.

The most photogenic and surprising bumper car

We've all begged our parents to do this attraction, but have you ever set off a camera AND a confetti cannon while driving a bumper car? This animation included one of our Wonder Booths as well as a confetti cannon that was triggered when the photo was taken. Visitors to the stand discovered the three photo formats (polaroid photo, GIF and boomerang) offered on our photo booths. The boomerang was the most popular for this type of animation, but the GIF was also used a lot for a festive effect with confetti.

Solo or in duo, visitors were able to take place in the bumper car to give us their best smile and trigger a rain of confetti!

This tailor-made animation based on the theme of the funfair can also be reinvented for another theme with other types of DMX machines (a fan, a spotlight, a bubble machine...). With one of our photo booths, you can offer a memorable activity to your guests who will leave with much more than a photo souvenir.

A real-life teddy bear grabber machine

Over and over again, catching a stuffed animal in a funfair attraction often ends in failure. So we wanted to recreate a life-size teddy bear grabber machine so that you could be part of it! Surrounded by transparent Plexiglas walls and life-size plush animals, every visitor could take a picture of themselves from the top of our Sky Booth. The Sky Booth can be adjusted to take pictures from a height of between 2.2 m and 3 m to take you up into the clouds. The exterior appearance of this photo booth (as with the Wonder Booth and the Iron Booth) can be customised, which can turn it into a real decorative element at your event. At the Heavent 2022, we decorated it with a visual of teddy bears so that it would blend in perfectly with the decor of our stand. The visitor did more than just stop by our stand, he lived a unique photo experience tailor-made for this occasion.

Our swing animation for a group souvenir

After all the emotions experienced with our different animations, the time for a little break was well deserved. We had installed a swing where you could sit down to enjoy the decor of the stand and immortalise the moment. This animation together with a photo booth and a photocall, allowed you to leave with a souvenir picture of our funfair by Wizito while enjoying a break like in our childhood. This steel swing, being light, can be easily transported to invite itself in each of your professional events. This animation can encourage your employees to create memories together during your professional events to federate the teams. Whether you're enjoying a solo, duo or group express photo session, think of our steel swing so that everyone has a memory of your event!

To keep a souvenir of the event: the collaborative fresco

We also wanted to keep a souvenir of your visit to our stand, and for that nothing better than the collaborative fresco! The collaborative fresco is the ultimate corporate animation available in digital and/or printed format! The collaborative fresco is a canvas which, once filled in completely, will form the visual of your choice with the photos of the event. Before your professional event, you send us the visual you want to appear on your collaborative fresco and you choose the number of photo you want on it. During your event, once a photo has been taken, it is then printed on stickers with a filter edited over it. Guests can choose the spot for their photo on the fresco and then come and stick their photo. Different sizes of fresco are available depending on the number of photos it contains.

This animation is possible thanks to a Wonder Booth that captures every moment and the Baby Booth that prints these pictures on stickers. You can let each guest decide if they want to appear on the collaborative fresco. In any case, people can take a picture of themselves with the Wonder Booth, get their souvenir picture and then decide to appear on the collaborative fresco. The collaborative fresco is more than just an animation, but a souvenir that you can display in your offices. Thanks to this animation, we were able to keep a souvenir of all the moments of Heavent 2022!

Bonus tip: several frames for an infinite number of photos!

For this Wizito funfair, we decided to go all out with the multi-frame option! When you rent one of our photo booths, you have the possibility to personalise the visual of the frame that surrounds the photo. The "multi-frame" option also exists to multiply the possibilities! Our photo booths can offer a choice of several 100% customisable photo frame designs. Once you have taken a photo, you can choose between different proposals by having a preview of the result and then you can select the one you want. For the Heavent 2022, we had planned different photo frames on the theme of the funfair so that everyone would have a unique souvenir of the moment spent at our stand.

This trade fair for the event industry is the moment for Wizito to give participants the unique and tailor-made experience that we offer to our clients. During this new edition of the Heavent, we were able to exchange with the different visitors and share a moment at the funfair with them. Throughout the year, we help you in the organisation of your professional events, by offering you the rental of our photo booth as well as various animations that can be customised to meet the needs of each person.

And next year, in which universe would you like to meet Wizito?