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Photocall, the essential animation to be used with our photo booths!

At Wizito, we offer you more than a photo booth rental but a unique and tailor-made photo experience! Different animations have been designed to complement our photo booths to improve the user experience and make the moment even more unforgettable!

Photocall animation is a key marketing tool that can be adapted in different ways to meet the objectives of each type of professional event. This animation will allow you to create a complete decor within the venue of your event thanks to the different possible configurations of the photocall. Whether it's a classic photocall printed on canvas, a flowery photocall or a photocall 3D, this animation will appeal to many!

Associate one of our photo booths with a photocall

To make the photo booth more attractive and visible at your event, add a photocall! A photocall is a decorative structure of at least 2m x 2,2m to be placed in front of the lens of your photo booth. This animation will at the same time decorate the place of your event and the background of the visual of your souvenir pictures. Indeed, this structure will be used as a background for your photo as well as a decorative element. The guests will pass in front of the lens of the photo booth as well as in the decor of the photocall that you will have chosen and designed with our teams. The photocall can be imagined as an animation for our inimitable Wonder Booth and/or with the view from above of our Sky Booth.

Different configurations have been designed so that this animation can be used for every professional event. So, whatever the occasion, a company anniversary, a product launch, or a team building day, the photocall will enhance your event! In order to meet everyone's expectations, we have created several photocall animations, each with its own specificity, which multiplies the possibilities.

A large choice of photocalls for a unique event

We know that everyone likes to make their event unique, the photocall animation allows you to stand out in different ways! First of all, there is the so-called "classic" photocall, which is a fireproof canvas printed from the visual you provide. It's up to you to create the design of your choice for a unique look that will appear in the background of your souvenir photos. As this canvas is 100% customisable, you can decide to print on it a decoration corresponding to the theme of your event (a season of the year, a film, a historical period...) or to personalize it with the logo and colors of your company. We can also help you create the visual of this canvas which will then be printed according to the chosen dimensions (2m x 2.2m or 3m x 2.2m).

Various rental photocall animations have been designed over the course of our development to continue to expand the range of possibilities. There is the flowery photocall and the plant photocall to bring a little freshness and greenery to your event. Then there is a photocall 3D to invite your guests to travel in the universe you have chosen thanks to a three-dimensional decor. Another of our animations is the balloon photocall which constitutes a background of balloons that can be personalized by choosing their shape and color.

Everything is done to personalize your photocall animation beyond the limits of possibility. For example, we have added vertical neon tubes on the sides of a canvas for lighting in the brand's colors. Our photocall animation can be modulated and reinvented according to your requests in order to make your event exceptional.

Always something new

In this perspective of development of the photocall animation, we are continuously creating new structures. Recently, a new product has appeared to highlight our photo booths: shimmer wall. Made entirely of sequins, this photocall will make each of your guests shine! This animation can be used at various events with different themes to accompany the rental of one of our photo booths. This photocall will bring light and color to your event for a photo result that will dazzle your guests and make them remember!

Photocall: a souvenir to keep after your event

As you know, by renting one of our photo booths, your guests will keep a souvenir (paper or digital) of your professional event. The photocall animation will embellish these photos thanks to the background it creates. Your guests will leave with an engraved souvenir, and you can keep the "classic" personalized photocall. Indeed, at the end of the event, you will be able to get back the canvas of the "classic" photocalls. This canvas printed with your visual can be a souvenir to keep in your offices to remember your event.

Thus, the pictures taken in front of the photocall thanks to the lens of our photo booths will make your event unforgettable. The photocall animation goes hand in hand with the rental of a photo booth to bring the guests into the world of your event. The photocall can also be accompanied by other animations such as a swing or a personalized neon sign on a flowery photocall! A wide range of animations can be added to our photo booths to allow all your guests to leave with the best souvenir photo!