Neon Box

Discover our neon photo box animation for bright and vibrant memories! Immerse yourself in the neon world with our colorful and creative photo booth. Capture dazzling photos with custom neon backdrops and luminous accessories that will make your pictures shine. Our neon photo box animation is ideal for brightening up your events.

Impress your guests by immersing them in a futuristic atmosphere

Bring out your fun and vibrant side with our neon photo booth and leave with unforgettable memories! Impress your guests with our Neon Box that adds a futuristic ambiance to your event. You even have the option to customize the neon colors to match your company's branding! The rhythm and color of the neons vary for a retro and stylish lighting that puts neon in the spotlight. You also have the opportunity to customize the neon colors to match your company's branding.


  • Choice of neon colour
  • Capacity of 4 people
  • Presence of a recommended host
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Box delivered in monoblock, accessibility to be checked
  • Installation time: 1h30

The advantages with our neon box

Unique Visual Aesthetics: The presence of neon lights creates a distinctive and eye-catching visual aesthetic. The bright and vibrant colors of the neons instantly draw attention and add a modern and stylish atmosphere to photos taken in the neon box. This provides participants with a captivating and memorable visual experience.

Festive and Playful Atmosphere: Neon lights bring about a festive and playful atmosphere, making the neon photo box animation perfect for lively events such as parties, concerts, etc. The neon lighting puts participants in a joyful mood and contributes to creating a lively and friendly atmosphere.

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