Green Screen

Explore an innovative photo booth experience with our green screen animation! Immerse your guests in imaginary worlds through the magic of chroma keying. Our green screen photo booth provides a unique creative flexibility by replacing the background with any image of your choice!

Plongez voImmerse your guests in a world of imagination

Capture magical moments, embark on fantastic adventures, or transport to exotic settings with our green screen photo animations, creating unique memories for your special events.

This technology offers a unique creative flexibility by replacing the background with any image of your choice. Your guests can find themselves on a paradise beach or in an iconic location, adding a dose of originality and creativity to their photos. It provides a 100% immersive rendering and an original experience! The green screen allows you to overlay one or multiple backgrounds of your choice behind and around your guests.

Compatible with our Wonder Booth.


3 possible increases:

  • 2 x 2.20 m
  • 3x2.20 m
  • Possible additional inlay
  • Dismountable aluminum self-supporting structure

Possible accessories:

  • Alveolar foam cut to shape
  • Customization

The advantages with our green background animation

Creative flexibility: It allows the creation of scenes that would be difficult, expensive, or even impossible to achieve in real settings. They can easily replace the background with any image or video of their choice, or even create entirely digital fantasy worlds.

Cost savings: The green screen enables cost savings in terms of sets, locations, and travel.

Enhanced realism: The use of a green screen allows guests to interact with objects/environments that do not actually exist. This means that your guests can pose more naturally, as they can react as if surrounded by real elements. Realism is enhanced through an internal skill to seamlessly blend real and digital elements.

Creative versatility: Green screen photo animation offers great creative versatility. It allows the creation of universes by combining different visual elements from various sources. Integrate your guests into imaginary environments, distant landscapes, or contexts impossible to achieve physically during the initial shoot.

Endless possibilities: Thanks to the use of green screen photo animation, the possibilities are almost limitless in terms of creating unique and attractive images. We can easily change the background to fit different themes, seasons, or to create impressive special effects.

Time savings: The use of green screen photo animation can save time during the shooting process. It is simpler than searching for specific shooting locations for each scene or waiting for certain weather conditions to occur.

Total control over the final image: Green screen photo animation provides total control over the final image. In post-production, the background can be perfectly adjusted, colors and brightness can be harmonized to ensure that your guests and the background blend naturally. This results in high-quality and professional final images.

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