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Digital Photo Booth

Looking to host an event that brings together all your collaborators? This Digital Booth is perfect for multi-site activations and on-the-go experiences! Explore our digital photo booth for a modern and connected photo experience! Immerse yourself in the digital realm with our interactive photobooth, capturing instant memories with exceptional image quality. Unlike traditional photo booths that use analog film to capture photos, digital booths utilize digital cameras to record images

How ​​it works ?

1 - Log in by clicking on the link or by flashing the QR Code 2 - Take a picture of yourself with your computer or mobile 3 - Choose your photo filter 4 - Validate and enter your email address 5 - You receive your photo by email. All photos are downloadable in the online gallery. 6. Option: digital fresco

Live the experience by clicking here!

Thanks to digital technology, photos taken in a Digital Booth can be instantly viewed and printed, allowing users to leave with physical memories promptly. It offers a modern and user-friendly experience to capture memorable moments quickly and effortlessly.

We provide customization options, including the ability to add frames, filters, logos, or text to photos, allowing users to create unique memories tailored to their event.

Online Sharing: Our Digital Booths are internet-connected, enabling users to take photos directly on their mobile devices or computers. Ideal for remote collaborators!

Interactive Options: Our booth can also offer additional interactive features, such as animated GIFs, short videos, augmented reality filters, or fun games to entertain users.

We would be delighted to assist you and recommend the right photo booth to meet all your needs and desires. Regardless of the photo booth you choose, we guarantee an exceptional experience and memories to cherish forever. Contact us now to learn more about which photo booth will be perfect for your event!