Best Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Struggling to plan an incredible corporate summer party ? You’re not the only one ! So we’ve put for you a guide of the best summer party ideas for your company. London offers a variety of entertainment for a work summer party that stands out! Enjoy our several varied and original ideas to make your corporate summer party a memorable event ! It’s the perfect time to leave the office and gather under the sun, cocktail in hand, to celebrate together.

Although these suggestions are winners for big company, corporate, startup, and SME teams as well. These events offer a chance for strengthening team cohesion and employee motivation. A well-organized summer party can turn colleagues into true companions, encourage team spirit, and boost everyone’s morale.

We've assembled the top corporate summer party ideas for 2024 that are sure to impress your colleagues until next year's event. From photo booth rentals accompanied by our swing animation, we have gathered fun ideas to brighten up your event.

So, put on your sunglasses, let your creativity flow, and let's explore some summer party ideas together !

Why should you host a summer party for your company ?

Are you wondering why everyone talks so much about hosting summer parties?

Imagine your colleagues relaxing, laughing together under a bright sun, far from the daily hassles.. Your employees will be distressed after all the hard work as well as show your appreciation for them and their work. Don't just leave these happy events once a year. Parties help with staff retention. Happy employees are productive employees !

Thanking employees for their work and commitment

Show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. It's like saying 'Thank you,' but much more fun! By offering your teams a day of fun and relaxation, you boost their morale and show that you recognize their efforts. And believe us, a little recognition goes a long way!

Creating shared memories and a positive corporate culture

Memories aren't just made in the office. Whether it's photos from a photo booth, playful poses on a swing, every moment spent together outside of a strictly professional environment helps build a positive and inclusive corporate culture. These memories will become shared anecdotes, strengthening the sense of belonging and community among your employees.

So, are you ready to organize a summer party that will be the highlight of the year for your teams? Follow our guide and get ready to create unforgettable memories with activities that will surprise and delight everyone!

Photo booth animation

Renting a photo booth adds a touch of fun to your event! This interactive activity has become a must-have at corporate parties, and for good reason: it guarantees laughter and memories that will last forever.

Creative ideas for the photo booth

Why settle for a simple white backdrop? Unleash your imagination with our seasonal themes that transport your guests into an enchanting world. From a paradise beach and tropical jungle to a quirky atmosphere, anything goes! To add some spice, nothing beats whimsical props like giant sunglasses, straw hats, and inflatable accessories, ensuring hilarious photos. And why not personalize further with backgrounds in your company's colors? It's the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression while having fun!

Swing Photo Booth

Swing into serenity and gently sway with our swing animation taking center stage. Whether alone or with a partner, this activity offers a moment of relaxation where worries fade away and pleasure takes over. But why stop there? To add an extra touch of magic to this experience, why not enhance your swing area with a floral or botanical photo backdrop?

The swing animation is not just an activity; it's a true sensory experience, a journey back in time where carefreeness reigns supreme. It's a breath of fresh air in our often too serious world.

Other ideas for activities for a company summer party

To ensure your Summer Party is memorable, consider adding other exciting activities. Don't worry, we have a few ideas to suggest.

Outdoor games: Because nothing says Summer Party like a lively game of petanque under the sun! And why stop there? Bring out the volleyball, set up giant board games like Jenga or chess, and get ready to see your colleagues embrace their inner child. Friendly competition guaranteed!

Creative workshops: Because talent knows no bounds, offer creative workshops to unleash everyone's artistic expression. Painting, pottery, crafts... Let your imagination run wild and transform your Summer Party into a temporary art gallery. Who knows, you might even discover hidden talents among your colleagues!

Musical entertainment: No party is complete without music! Hire a DJ to set the mood, or why not a live band for an even more immersive experience? For the more adventurous, host a karaoke session where everyone can showcase their singing talents (or lack thereof).

Food and drinks: Dancing works up an appetite and a thirst, so make sure to feed your troops well. Opt for diverse food stands, whether it's delicious barbecue, exotic food trucks, or elegant bite-sized treats. Complement these with creative cocktail bars and wine tastings to tantalize taste buds and prolong the enjoyment.

In summary, for a company Summer Party that will be remembered for years to come, focus on original activities, great music, delicious food, and drinks that sparkle. Create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where the only rule is to have fun and share unforgettable moments with colleagues. Are you ready to turn your Summer Party into an epic event that will be talked about for years? Let's party! 🎉

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